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Woman On Fire : 9 Elements To Wake Up Your Erot... !EXCLUSIVE!

Discover how the Goddess is guiding your life. Leading intuitive Sophie Bashford takes you on a journey to meet nine Goddess archetypes. Sharing intuitively channelled messages, beautiful guided meditations, and moving personal experiences, Sophie leads you into safe territories where your darkest fears can be healed, your deepest dreams awakened, and your entire life transformed.

Woman on fire : 9 elements to wake up your erot...

An empowering audiobook about standing your ground in dating, in marriage, in your career, and anywhere else. As an author and a coach who has been helping women for more than a decade, I noticed some women were in trouble. But there are women out there who have designed the life they live. I call these women high-value women. It turns out the high-value woman follows a set of strategies and principles. I'll share them with you throughout this audiobook. 041b061a72


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