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Snow On Dead Neighborhoods ((FULL))

Just before 9 a.m. on Monday, Plains Township police officers responded to a report of shots fired in a residential neighborhood and discovered 50-year-old James Goy and his 48-year-old wife, Lisa Goy, lying dead in the street in front of their home, according to a joint statement by Luzerne County District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis and Plains Township Police Chief Dale Binker.

Snow on Dead Neighborhoods

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Witnesses told investigators that Spaide asked the couple to stop, sparking a heated exchange of words. James Goy apparently threw a tool at Spaide that he had been using to clear snow from his car, according to the statement. When James Goy approached Spaide with a raised fist, Spaide reportedly retreated into his house and fetched a gun, the officials said.

The Cheyenne Office of the National Weather Service says snow is possible today for an area of southeast Wyoming between Rawlins and Cheyenne, with the heaviest snow expected in the Sierra Madre and Snowy Range Mountains.

''Here's a look ahead for the rest of the week into the weekend, for southeast Wyoming and Nebraska Panhandle. A little unsettled Wednesday across our western mountains and higher valleys as a disturbance moves across Colorado. Could see a few snow showers from Cheyenne to Rawlins as well Wednesday morning. Bulk of the snow will be in the mountains with 2 to 5 inches in the Snowy and Sierra Madre Ranges. Drier weather returns to our area Thursday through the weekend, with slowly warming temperatures.''

The second system is focused on residential snow routes that tend to be in neighborhoods and carry local traffic. We are working to enhance the residential snow removal program to include overnight plowing and additional salting. This program includes:

While snow removal is coordinated by the Public Works Department, it is a joint effort that also includes the Parks and Recreation, Solid Waste and KC Water departments. The Aviation Department handles snow removal at the Kansas City International Airport and Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport.

When it snows, residents may be asked to park vehicles off-street when snow depths exceed two inches. Parking cars off-street greatly helps plows to better remove snow, especially in cul-de-sacs and dead end streets. If a vehicle must park on-street, we request the following parking practice:

Please wait until one day (at least 24 hours) after the snow stops falling before contacting 311 to report slick or missed streets. This allows snow removal crews adequate time to complete multiple passes on all of their assigned snow routes.

The City of Fairbanks Public Works Department plows and removes snow in neighborhoods within the City limits on a rotating schedule as noted below. This is an approximate 4-6-week turn around. If there is significant additional snowfall before the rotation ends, we will address the *emergency areas and main thoroughfares immediately and then return to the residential rotation where we left off. In a typical winter, snow will be removed and hauled away twice in neighborhoods during the day. In the Spring, as much hard pack will be removed before breakup. The night shift will address the Downtown Core Area (First Avenue-Fifth Avenue between Barnette and Noble Streets).

In Island Homes, Walden Estates, Arctic Park, East of Noble (Townsite), Brandt, Slaterville, and Graehl neighborhoods snow is only removed-no plowing is possible due to narrow streets and on-street parking and they will be inserted in the rotation above as needed for snow removal.

As a friendly reminder, City code does not allow snow or hard pack from private property to be pushed onto sidewalks, right-of-ways or streets and requires sidewalks to be cleared of snow and ice by adjacent property owners. Only snow from sidewalks can be pushed curbside where it then can be removed during snow removal operations. If driveways have not been shoveled throughout the winter, there may be a significant drop off when hard pack is removed from sidewalks and streets. This drop can damage vehicles so residents need to taper the drop off. before entering or exiting their driveways. It is a property owner's responsibility to maintain their driveways to avoid these drop offs during plowing or hard pack removal.

Please note: The transfer of snow from private property/driveways into the street, City right of way, or drainage ditches is prohibited per FGC Sec. 70-321(b) and FGC Sec. 82-336B, and could result in a $200.00 fine.

In extreme weather, the City Safety Director may implement a parking ban on these TARTA bus routes and snow emergency routes. The ban will allow police to ticket and tow illegally parked vehicles on snow emergency routes, therefore providing access for the streets to be plowed from curb to curb.

Residents and businesses are reminded that they are responsible for maintaining their sidewalks in a manner that makes them safe for pedestrians. Snow removal companies and property owners are prohibited from putting snow from their property onto public roadways.

Different treatment strategies are implemented based on the weather forecast to allow us to get the most bang for our buck. Please note, residential streets are not salted except in extreme conditions, and are not plowed unless we experience a storm event of more than 3" of snowfall.

Up to 48 hours prior to any predicted snowfall, brine is applied to bridge decks, arterial roads, and downtown streets. The brine helps prevent snow and ice from bonding to the road, and is most helpful for weather conditions when frost is likely.

Code Compliance Inspectors are still actively patrolling neighborhoods trying to help maintain public safety by enforcing nuisance issues. We would like to help resolve any issues pertaining to any notice/notices or courtesy postings you may have received.

This refers to how we enforce the City codes and ordinances affecting the quality of life in our neighborhoods. As a city, we want all of our citizens to be able to live happily in their homes, whether as a renter or an owner. Each one of these codes and ordinances have been established to assist in sustaining the high quality of life we appreciate in Fort Collins. We strongly suggest you take time to read each one, understand the consequences, and know how to report a violation.

Residents are required to shovel sidewalks within 24 hours of snow accumulating. If a sidewalk is not completely cleared of snow and ice, the City may hire a contractor to do the work. The cost of this, in addition to a city fee will be billed to the property owner.

Our policies and procedures were developed to encourage compliance. This is achieved both proactively and through complaints from citizens. Proactive Enforcement Each day, we inspect neighborhoods throughout Fort Collins in an attempt to catch any violations before someone needs to complain. There are 4 Code Compliance Inspectors responsible for different areas of Fort Collins. These inspectors drive through the neighborhoods, normally Monday through Friday, observing and noting any City Code violations. Complaints When a complaint is received, that area's Code Compliance Inspector is dispatched and will conduct an inspection within one business day of the complaint. When There is a Violation Upon finding a violation, a letter is sent to the property owner and a courtesy copy may be sent to the tenants and/or a property management company informing them of the violation and giving a date by which the violation must be corrected. After the correction due date, the Code Compliance Inspector will revisit the property. If the violation is corrected, the case is closed. If the violation is not yet corrected, the City will resolve the problem with an abatement action.


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