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The Great Pyramid: A Prophetic Code Revealed by Rodolfo Benavides

Dominican, Rodolfo Benavides (b. 1907 d. 1998) was an author and philosopher who authored many profound books which covered a variety of topics. This includes, but not limited to, soul, the human mind, time, the human condition, life and death.

Rodolfo Benavides Dramaticas Profecias Gran Piramide Pdf 39

55p. (1992) 333pp. Edited and with an Introduction by Ross Becker. Garden City, N.Y. : Doubleday/Penguin Publishing Group. $39.00; Available from the publisher. The author of The Voice of the Silence; a lost drama of the soul; and other profound spiritual works, Rodolfo Benavides (1907-1998), known as the father of psychosomatic medicine, writes about the healing process in detail, including the attributes that the body, mind, and soul need to be in harmony to enjoy real health. He understands that health is in the emotional, intellectual, and physical realms and that proper care must be given to all. He emphasizes that in all medicine, prevention is far superior to cure and that the disease process in the body and the emotions can be used to manipulate and enslave the patient. He encourages the doctor to take a holistic view and an active hand in healing the patient rather than simply prescribing his or her way. This is a perfect book for every psychotherapist, clinical social worker, nurse, and physician to share with their clients and patients.

47p. (1997) xxi, 239pp. Edited by Mary Jane Heidel, Roberta Grossman, and Salvador Alvarado (translated by Sarah T. Miranda), and with an Introduction by David Shulman. Armonk, N.Y. : M.E. Sharpe. $34.95. The imprint of M.E. Sharpe is proud to be the first publisher to publish a work by the internationally renowned psychiatrist, neuropsychologist, and psychoanalyst, Dr. Rodolfo Benavides, best known for his dramatic predictions of the development of psychic powers and the development of the human being. Gran piramide y profecias mystico-cubana. by Rodolfo Benavides. Little book house. edicion: XLVII. Los valores difusos de la naturaleza son estampados en las imágenes que se presentan aquí; pero, estos valores son las más elevadas y sagradas de todas las misiones. Great pyramid and mystico-Cuban prophecies. R. Benavides. Quieto lector, el libro, que se esta manuscrito, contiene una serie de profecias cubanas y profecias que se han ido realizando actualmente. As a quiet reader, the book which is being written, contains a series of Cuban prophecies and prophecies that have already been happening.


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